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Tustumena 200

January 21, 2010

So I decided to go the Tustumena 200 earlier this week.  Just got back from a 110 mile tune up for the race, and will pack up tomorrow to leave at 5 friday morning.  The run out on the highway was cold but beautiful.  Tons of caribou and moose were out, and two small groups of wolves.  Great northern light show this morning when we were feeding dogs at 5:30– green waves 3/4 of the way across the sky– and the sunrise this morning was a sight to see by dog team.  Hopefully will have some soon.  Oh, and The Mountain (Denali) was out both days.

Weather for the Tustumena looks like it should be nice and warm–up to 35 degrees during the day.  That is great for the musher…should be a fun time.  Check out for race updates.

T200 team:

Hopper, Skeeter, Cricket, Spider, Beetle (GO BUGS!) Opel –all 2.5 years old

Menace, Suspect, Burglar, Coltrane, Kroner, Guilder, Stewart–all 1.5 years old

and last but not least my buddy Colonel from Jeff’s team.

I also wanted to encourage everyone to leave questions, or requests if you have any.  It would give me something to talk about!



Some of the Team!

January 14, 2010

Fast dogs…

January 14, 2010

It’s just tough to keep these young dogs calmed down.  The minute I let of the brake they take off like a rocket!

Things have been real busy since my little christmas break around here!  Been running dogs just about everyday of the week, but the dogs did get Monday and Tuesday off because it was forty to fifty below and just too cold.  It warmed up to twenty below today so off we went.  Caroline, a neighbor, has been a great help with the training. 

Everyone is pretty excited around here as Jeff just won a very close race with Allen Moore in the Copper Basin 300.  It definatly feels good to be apart of such a high-caliber team of dogs. 

Back to my dogs though… They are lookin’ better and better everyday.  Last week they got to experience many 100 yard sections of water and glare ice on the Yanert river, and we’ve made daily runs up the Hoot.  The Hoot is a trail around here the has some long, twisting climbs up into the hills, and then a fast, white knuckle ride back down through the trees.  It’s great for the dogs to work hard and not just run fast on the flats.  I hate to admit but I’m sure it good for me to up the hills as well.

I’ve also been working on getting my food ready for the race.  I’ve got lots of great meals cooked and sealed in vacuum packed bags.  To go with that I spent a near fortune at Sams on monday buying jerky, trail mix, nuts, fruit snacks, string cheese, yogurt, and lots of drinks… Vitamin water, V8 splash, apple juice, and lots of  Gatorade.  I think the thing I am most looking forward to is the big box I got of mini cheese cakes– in assorted flavors.  YUM!

I also just put together a camera mount on my sled, and I need to work out the kinks, but I should have some video to share with you soon.

More to come…