3-16-10 8:35 pm AKDT Trail Update

Jeff King just crossed the finish line!

A happy Jeff King!

Finish line and new Dodge truck for the winner, Lance Mackey.

At Nome Iditarod Headquarters prayers are said daily for every musher.

2 of Jeff's sleepy dogs

Wow! What a day! Lance Mackey was the first to cross the finish line this afternoon. A little later Hans Gatt arrived in seco0nd place. Jeff King placed third. It was a close, exciting race!

We just learned there is web cam at the finish line. You can go to http://visitnomealaska.com/nome-web-cam.html to watch what’s going on in Nome. We expect Dave to cross the finish line Friday evening around midnight and will keep you posted when we have a better idea of the time.  Remember, there is a 3 hour time difference between here and St Louis.

Dave just arrived in Unalakaeet where the temp is a balmy 27 degrees. After resting the puppies there he will head down the trail 42 miles to Shaktoolik. This is one of the windiest stretches of the trail. Shaktoolik has a population of 179.

Musher Mom and Dad are having a nice visit in Nome where we have met old friends and have met many new friends. This is a very friendly city with lots of fundraisers through out the week. There is a craft sale at the church with lots of beautiful native crafts for sale. There are bake sales and soup sales. Musher Mom had a bowl of caribou soup for lunch this afternoon. It was surprisingly good. Friday a chili tasting contest. We’re keeping very busy!

The first half of the race Dave had great run times second only to Jeff King. Because of the age and inexperience of his puppy team he took extra rest time to ensure their wellbeing. He is running a very cautious, conservative race.  At this point over 20% of the mushers have scratched for one reason or another.  Dave is truly in elite company!

The current temp in Nome is 11 degrees at 9pm and still very light out!



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