3-17-10 7:40 am AKDT Trail Update

Trail marker

Musher Dad with one of 4 signs welcoming mushers into Nome

It’s 7:40 am. The sky is pitch black with lots of bright twinkling stars. It’s so quiet. When someone passes by outside we hear the snow crunch with each footstep. Last night we had daylight until after 9:30 pm. Today promises to be another beautiful day. Our current temp in Nome is 13 degrees.

The mushers have been arriving all night.  When a musher is 1 mile from the finish an alarm sounds. It sounds like our tornado warnings in St Louis. This gives notice that a musher is on the way in so we have 10 to 15 minutes to get to the finish line to watch. When Lance and Jeff arrived yesterday afternoon there was so much press/media/photographers that it made it difficult to see anything. It was still very exciting!

We’re looking forward to meeting Jeff King and his crew for breakfast this morning at the Airport Cafe. We can’t wait to hear about his adventures from the past 10 days. Jeff shared with me that he had spoke briefly with Dave at 2 different checkpoints. Dave is doing well and was very happy with his race.

Dave is on the trail this morning headed to Shaktoolik. Dave is traveling at a speed of 8.1 mph. The current temp is 15 at his gps location. Shaktoolik is one of the windiest stretches of the trail. Next checkpoint after Shaktoolik will be Koyuk which will be 42 miles.



3 Responses to “3-17-10 7:40 am AKDT Trail Update”

  1. Michelle Kraft Says:

    Love hearing about the day-to-day progress of this exciting race. I bet you can hardly believe you are there!

  2. susan sheftel Says:

    Your descriptions are wonderful and I feel like I am there. I bet you are very excited to see your son cross the finish line. I’m excited!! Susan

  3. Cindi Biggs Says:

    Awsome, it sounds so exciting! Once in a life time experience, I love it. Cindi

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