3-18-10 9:30 AM AKDT Trail Update

Dave arrived in Shaktoolik yesterday at 10:35 am with 13 dogs. He left at 5:30 pm after resting himself and the team. We saw that shortly after leaving Shatoolik he turned around and went back. The 42 miles between Shaktoolik and Koyuk is primarily across the frozen waters of Norton Bay. Since there is nowhere for him to stop en route we are guessing that he must have seen something in the dogs that warranted additional rest. He did leave Shaktoolik this morning at a approx. 8 am and is well on his way to Koyuk. Dave is traveling at a speed of 8.1 mph. The current temp 18 although with the high winds in this area it must feel much colder.

Koyuk has a population of 258. Mushers can breathe a sigh of relief as most the trail from here is on land.

As of this posting there have been 32 mushers arrive in Nome. 15 have scratched. 24 mushers are en route.



One Response to “3-18-10 9:30 AM AKDT Trail Update”

  1. Nancy Rapp Says:

    Dave, You are in my prayers. I grew up with your mom at Christ Lutheran Church. I have been following your adventure and hope to watch you on the Webcam arrive in Nome. It should be very soon. Long may you run, musher!
    God bless, Nancy Rapp

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