3-18-10 10:00 pm AKDT Trail Update

After an extra 12 hours of rest in Shaktoolik, Dave and his team began the 42 miles for Koyuk. They arrived in Koyuk at 1:12 this afternoon. Current temp in Koyuk is 27 degrees. We expect he will be leaving soon for Eliam which is 43 miles down the trail. Eliam has a population of 281.

Dave has approxmately 154 miles to go. We expect he may be arriving in Nome Saturday evening. Musher Mom and Dad are getting anxious!

Nome has a population of approx. 3500. It is a much larger city than I expected. And very friendly. There are 2 roads which lead out of town but only go about 70 miles. The only way to get into Nome is to fly in or by boat in the summer. Last night we went to St Josephs Catholic Church to see Native Alaskan dancing. It was wonderful. Today we went for a helicopter ride to the Safety Checkpoint which is the last checkpoint before Nome.  It consists of 1 building, a bar/roadhouse where Tom serves up microwaved cheeseburgers and drinks. Nearby there are a few fishing huts which are used in the summer. While there Jay and Tracy came in. They were on day 18 of a bicycle race on the Iditarod trail. The tires on their bikes were heavily treaded and about 6″ wide. One musher came in, signed in and then left again. We saw him cross under the burrled arch later this evening. We also saw a small herd of muskox on the return flight to Nome. We have found that the warmer the temp gets the faster the wind blows. The wind chill is awful !

Internet service here is very slow…pictures to be updated later.



One Response to “3-18-10 10:00 pm AKDT Trail Update”

  1. Michelle Kraft Says:

    We have really enjoyed these updates and share your excitement to cheer in Musher Dave and his team on Saturday night. He is truly a great adventurer!

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