3-19-10 10:20 pm AKDT Trail Update

Surprise visit with Dave at White Mounmtain checkpoint


We got t0 see Dave this evening and he looks great! Musher Mom and Dad, Musher Girlfriend Carrie Skinner and our new friends from Utah, Bob and Tracy Brown flew into White Mountain checkpoint arriving shortly after Dave had arrived. It was so wonderful to see Dave. He looked a little tired but otherwise very good. His face was pretty red from windburn but not blistered or frost nipped which I was very happy to see. Dave had a little mishap with his pocket knife yesterday in Koyuk. There was alot of bleeding but the wonderful vet who was there on duty, Dr. Carolyn Witten, put 4 stitches into his thumb, gave him some antibiotic cream and sent him on his way. All his fingers are swollen but that is normal in all the mushers.

Dave told us the trail to Rainey Pass was the toughest. He said it was -50 and he just couldn’t get warmed up.

Dave is taking his final 8 hour mandatory break and is anxious to arrive in Nome tomorrow. We expect him sometime between noon and 2 pm. After he takes care of the dogs we’ll celebrate at Airport Pizza (really good food)  then it will be sleep time for Dave.

Thank you again for all your support, prayers, good wishes and encouraging messages. We all appreciate it.



One Response to “3-19-10 10:20 pm AKDT Trail Update”

  1. susan sheftel Says:

    So glad to see that Dave is going to make it safe and sound. Moms worry sometimes. I will keep checking in for status and will miss you all when it is over. Susan

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