3-20-10 8am AKDT Trail Update

It’s 8 am and still dark outside. We’re waiting for Dave to arrive. He left White Mountain at 3:45 am. He is almost to the Safety checkpoint but he is not required to stay there. He only needs to sign in. He told us he had no intention of staying there any longer than necessary. He’s in a hurry to get “Home to Nome”! At his current location he is 35 miles from Nome and traveling 8.3 mph. We expect him around noon. Please remember this is 3 pm St Louis time. You may be able to watch the finish from the web cam: http://visitnomealaska.com/nome-web-cam.html   If anyone knows how to record the web cam so that I could see it later I would appreciate it.

We’re off to a Nome Girl Scout fund raiser, a pancake breakfast, then waiting at the finish line……………..



4 Responses to “3-20-10 8am AKDT Trail Update”

  1. JIM & PAT Says:

    Will be watching on the web-cam. Warm-up, eat and sleep well.

    Looking forward to Musher Mom and Musher Dad fotos.


  2. Caroline Says:

    yeah! we knew could do it!

  3. Barb Foulds Says:

    What a guy! What a ride! What a lifetime memory! So happy to know it’s almost finished and that he and his puppies can just relax and enjoy the simple life again… Will attempt to watch the finish. Sure hope I can see it…

  4. Michelle Kraft Says:

    I watched Dave’s finish (at least I think it was him) and have really enjoyed following his progress thanks to Musher Mom. This past week I’ve been “all about the Iditarod”–I’m hooked and will follow next year. Mush on in 2011 Dave!

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