3-15-10 7:25 pm AKDT Trail Update

March 16, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Musher Dave!

Dave has reached Kaltag at 5:47pm. Current temp 13 degrees. He has now completed 761 of 1050 miles in his race to Nome. At the beginning of the last run he had to drop Snoopy. He now has a total of 13 dogs in his team. Snoopy was not injured. He was running with the team but not pulling. It was in Snoopy’s best interest to join Stuart and Suspect in Anchorage.

Next checkpoint Unalakleet which is 75 miles from Kaltag.

Lance Mackey is in the lead by 12 miles on his way to White Mountain. Once in White Mountain all mushers are required to take an 8 hour break. Then it is 68 miles into Nome. Behind Lance is Hans Gatt then Jeff King.

Musher Mom and Dad have arrived in Nome. It’s a beautiful day with a current temp of -1…much warmer than when we arrived when it was -15!



3-15-10 6:15am AKDT Trail Update

March 15, 2010

Dave arrived in Nulato at 4:02am with 14 dogs after a 6 hour and 2 minute run.  Kaltag is the next check point 42 miles from Nulato. 393 miles to Nome.

The leaders have left Koyuk just hours apart.

Musher Mom and Musher Dad are preparing to depart from Anchorage. Arriving in Nome at 12:30 pm AKDT

More information as soon as GPS system comes back on-line.


3-14-10 10:15 pm AKDT Trail Update

March 15, 2010

Dave is crankin! He has left Galena at a current speed of 8.3 mph en route to Nulato which is 47 miles from Galena.

Current temp -11 degrees. At Galena checkpoint, Suspect, with a sore shoulder (nothing serious), was left behind to join his buddy Stuart in Anchorage.

Nulato has a population of 359. The check point is located in the community center. From Nulato he will travel 35 miles to Kaltag. Kaltag has a population of 234. Very serious winds begin after Kaltag as he moves toward the Norton Sound Coast.


3-14-10 3:10pm Trail Update

March 14, 2010

Just had to share this picture of Anchorage snow removal!

We just received a phone call from Dave. He is in Galena. His dogs have been cared for, he had a nice meal and is ready for a nap. His face has some windburn but other than that he is doing well. Current temp in Galena is -3.

We’re packing for our trip to Nome tomorrow morning. Those in the know are predicting the first musher into Nome sometime Tuesday morning. At this time Lance Mackey is in the lead. Jeff King is 5 miles behind him with Hugh Neff 9 miles behind Jeff. It looks like it’s going to be a close race!

Current temp in Nome -10. Forecast for tomorrow: high of +3 with winds 20 to 30 mph. Oh Boy. I can’t wait for that. It’s gonna make for a fun flight.

3-14-10 9:40 AKDT Trail Update

March 14, 2010

Dave left Ruby with 15 dogs at 7am after his mandatory 8 hour break. Galena, the next check point 52 miles from Ruby.  The temperature is currently -12 degrees F and he is traveling at 8.6 mph.

Galena is a town with population of 250 people and an Air Force Base.

At this time the leaders, Jeff King, Lance Mackey, Hugh Neff and Hans Gatt are resting in Unalakleet.  They have 200 miles to go and the end promises to be exciting.  For more information and a great commentary on the racers go to Jeff’s blog at http://huskyhomestead.blogspot.com/  Donna, once again, has a great post this morning.


3-13-10 8:30 pm AST Trail Update

March 14, 2010

Dave just arrived in Ruby! We expect that he will probably take his mandatory 8 hour break in Ruby. Current temp in Ruby -7. Musher Mom is hoping for a phone call….new update in the morning…

Dave has covered 615 miles so far!


3-13-10 10:15am AST Trail Update

March 13, 2010

Dave is on the move!  He left Cripple at 6:52 am local time en route to Ruby. This is longest run (112 miles) between checkpoints in the race. Ruby has a population of 187. It is the first checkpoint on the Yukon River. The first musher into Ruby, Jeff King, received a gourmet dinner (lobster) and a cash prize.
At his current location the temp is -18, traveling 8.4 mph. with 15 dogs. Interesting note: In the top 50 mushers Dave is one of only 4 who still have 15 or more dogs.


3-12-10 11 pm AST Trail Update

March 13, 2010

Dan is once again at the dog drop in Anchorage. He just called to let me know he’ll be late as it’s a busy night there. Thankfully he did not see any of Dave’s or Jeff’s dogs.  Musher Mom is updating without assistance so I’m hoping I get this right!

Dave has made it into Cripple checkpoint where the temp is -25.  Cripple has a population of 0 and is the halfway point of the trail. Looks like Dave may be taking a break here. Possibly his mandatory 8 hour break. We’ll be back again in the morning.


3-12-10 9am AST Trail Pictures

March 12, 2010

Dave travelling through Dalzell Gorge (photo by Jeff Schultz)

Pat Moon & Musher Mom at Iditarod Headquarters

Dropped Dogs being attended to after flown back to Anchorage


Dog Drop: after vet check, feeding and meds, dogs are cozy under their blankets


Dave and Pat during ceremonial start (picture by Tony Reiter)

3-12-10 9am AST Trail Update

March 12, 2010

Dave is off his 24 hour break in Takotna as of 8:29 pm yesterday. He arrived in Ophir at 10:55 pm. After an 8 hour break he left Ophir with 15 dogs in tow, headed for Cripple. Cripple has a population of 0 and marks the official halfway point in the race. Dallas Seavey was the winner of the half way trophy and received $3000. in gold nuggets! The GPS tracker is not currently accurate but the temp is somewhere between -25 and -30.


Yesterday, Dan and I spent the evening at the Iditarod headquarters at the Millinium Hotel in Anchorage. Dan was volunteering once again at the dog drop, assisting the vets with the dogs. His 6 to 10 shift lasted until 2 am but all the dogs were examined, fed and watered, observed, medicated as needed, given straw to sleep on then covered with a warm blanket. At the end of the evening there were 21 dogs to be taken to the prison where the female inmates take wonderful care of the dogs until the mushers can get them.

I spent the evening in the lobby making new friends.  I saw Pat Moon, the musher from Chicago who crashed into a tree. (blog entry 8-10-10  8:40am) His broken hand is in a cast and healing. He will see a doctor in Chicago for the broken bones in his face and expects a headache for the next 2 1/2 weeks but otherwise is doing great! We had a nice visit!