3-20-10 9:30 pm AKDT Trail Update

Just had some dinner with Dave – he’s getting some much needed sleep now.

Interesting fact: This was the 38th Iditarod. There are only 817 people to have ever run in the Iditarod. We are so incredibly proud of what Dave has accomplished!

Enjoy the photos. We have very slow speed internet here. More photos when we return to St Louis.


Dave on the trail about 6 miles from the finish in Nome.


On the way to Nome

On the way to Nome!

Musher Dave at the finish line with Musher Mom & Dad

Signing the checkpoint log in Nome

Signed in! #52 came in 51st in 12 days, 21 hours, 19 minutes and 8 seconds

Dave with Dr Carolyn, the vet who stitched his thumb in Koyuk


16 Responses to “3-20-10 9:30 pm AKDT Trail Update”

  1. The Flavins in St Louis Says:

    WOW, Thanks for sharing this incredible journey with us. We are all so proud of what you have accomplished! Can’t wait to hear some of your personal account of the journey. Congratulations!!

  2. Michelle Kraft Says:

    Congratulations Dave, St. Louis salutes you! What an adventure you have had with more to come, I’m sure.

  3. susan sheftel Says:

    Congratulations, Dave. A great acheivement. Hope to meet you this summer. Susan–Caroline’s mom

  4. Grandma B Says:

    This was so much fun for us. Thank you David. We love you!

  5. Gram & Gramp DeCaro Says:

    Can’t get enough bragging about you to our friends.
    We are very proud of our grandson. Unbelievably proud!

  6. Jack & Joanne Says:

    Wow what an experience and great race.Sure can be proud Dave,along
    with that group of young dogs. Sure gave us a great inside look at the
    Iditarod which we have admired for many years.

  7. timmie wiant Says:

    WOW! We (hookers, all) have been so impressed with your great accomplishment! Great race and loved being part of it all along the way thanks to your Mom and Dad

  8. Kay McCarthy Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Dave! Congratulations Wendy, Dan, Matt and grandparents too. You must be very proud of Dave.

  9. caroline Says:


  10. G. Says:

    Mrs.DeCaro, I just want to thank you for writing the blog. Though I no longer live in Alaska, I still follow the race. To me, the best part has always been the blogs kept by a musher’s family or friends, giving us insight into each musher and their athletes as well as stories from the trail. I’ll be looking for your blog next year should your son race again.

    And to Dave and his dogs, job well done! Congratulations!

  11. Dr. Joseph Lane Says:

    Dave, Followed your race through the blog, you did a great job. I was in Hawaii and was helping a couple cast off their boat and they saw the T-shirt with you name on it and they said they saw you take off in the race. They were also in Hawaii on vacation, what a small world. Congratulations again,
    Dr. Lane

  12. Penny Keaney Says:

    Congratulations Musher Dave from Penny and Beth in DC! How exciting it was to follow your progress on the blog- Prayers were answered when you crossed the finish line in Nome- And Congratulations to Musher Mom and Dad- how proud you must be – one of only 817 people to ever complete the fete- WOW!!!. I’ve worn and will continue to wear my tee-shirt with pride

  13. James Brooks Says:

    Nice to meet you all in Nome. I had one photo of you all that turned out pretty good: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68679992@N00/4458481929/

  14. Linda Says:

    Congratulations, Dave.

    I hope we can expect to see more of you on this trail in the future!

  15. Aaron Fanetti Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I was kicking around the SLUH alumni page and noticed the story about you. I thought that was crazy. I was up there at the same time biking in the Iditarod Trail Invitational – you know those guys out there without the dogs. 🙂

    Just wanted to say hello and congratulations! Maybe I’ll see you up there next year! We can get a beer in McGrath – or I can have a beer and you can drink a Gatorade.

    Drop me a line if you get this.

    Aaron Fanetti
    SLUH ’93

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